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Noden provides an All in One application providing an easy-to-use pharmacy application that will help you with scheduling vaccine appointments, performing quality patient services, and managing your inventory.

Nodens Pharmacy scheduler Dashboard
Nodens Pharmacy scheduler


Nodens Pharmacy scheduler Narcotic reconciliation

Narcotic reconciliation

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Nodens Pharmacy scheduler Results

Pharmacy scheduler for all your pharmacy needs

- Vaccines scheduling, save valuable time and serve more patients with single click billing of publically funded vaccines

- Virtual medication reviews for your patient's convenience 

- Bonus Narcotic reconciliation module to organize your narcotic counts and manage your inventory


Your Modern Pharmacy Partner

For Business

  • Nodens improves business engagement and profitability in pharmacy.
  • Enables pharmacists to perform more clinical and professional services
  • Provides reliable solutions that deliver healthier business results
  • Perform services at a scale

For Pharmacists

  • Centered around the needs of Canadian pharmacists
  • Developed to give pharmacists a faster, more intuitive, and easier to use platform.
  • Designed to decrease chances of dispensing errors through multi level check of Rx

For patients

  • Advocating Patient Care and Loyalty
  • Enhancing the role of the pharmacist, as an integral healthcare provider within the community
  • Providing a patient-centric design and an integrated patient app
Fast Improvement

Fast Improvement Platform

Regular updates to fulfill your needs based on customer feedback


Cloud-based pharmacy application

You can use it anywhere from any device.

Intelligent optimizations

Intelligent optimizations

Tailored easily to your workflow, to help you provide better patient care

Intuitive design

Intuitive design

User-friendly platform to help your patient's schedule appointments easily and help you perform more tasks in less time


What our customers say

The team at Nodens is knowledgeable, attentive, and responsive, they will go the extra mile to find solutions to make your workflow easier

Nodens provides a wide range of services that enables us to free more time to spend with our patient performing clinical services

Nodens tool has differentiated us from the competition with this affordable easy to use platform, patients were able to communicate easier with the pharmacy


Every year during the Flu season, time in the pharmacy becomes so valuable as there are not enough working hours to finish all the tasks required, and all the documentation and reporting, between the increased workload and vaccine administration, there is no time for everything.


Nodens health help reduces the time needed for every vaccine administrated as Nodens health gets the patient consent form electronically and will automatically bill publically funded vaccines once the pharmacist administers the dose


Hours of time are saved every day, patients will get the vaccine in less time which will improve patient satisfaction and  pharmacy teams will have less stress with billing and putting multiple intervention and billing codes


Pharmacy Narcotic counts have been always one of the required tasks that takes a lot of time, effort, and thinking. Investigating a missed or miscounted drug is not fun. running  lots of reports and lots of documentation and paperwork to report any discrepancy in your Narcotic inventory


Nodens Narcotic reconciliation is the easiest way to perform a regular efficient Narcotic counts, Nodens calculates the amount you should have on hand based on your last count and dispensing history, if there is any discrepancy, Nodens will provide you a list of possible reasons that might lead to this discrepancy and if you wish to report the discrepancy to Health Canada you can do this with just 1 click


Narcotic counts became much easier and more organized, all documentation is online without having a ton of paperwork. Making a full narcotic count within 1 month became much less time consuming,  it takes only a few minutes every week to finish the full count 


Need clarification?

What benefit will I get with Nodens Health?

Nodens platform is the most affordable, user-friendly platform that will enable your patients to schedule appointments for their vaccines and professional services and will also help maintain a proper narcotic inventory 

What modules are currently available to try?

Now pharmacies can register for the pharmacy scheduler and narcotic reconciliation module along with the patient services module which will enable your patients to communicate better with the pharmacy

What is the pricing of the different modules?

Nodens Health provides you with an easy pricing module, charging you only 25$ monthly or 10$ monthly on an annual subscription regardless of usage.


We can give you back your time and optimize your productivity

Your pain? We understand. This is why we do what we do, and can provide you with an experience like no other.

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