Automating prescriptions processing 

OCR software for the prescription order processing is a high-ROI solution with instantaneous benefits in processing speed, ultimately resulting in faster and better patient care.

software for the prescription order processing

OCR prescription processing

Automate your pharmacy workflow, using trusted OCR technology to process scanned Rx and Rx received by fax, process Rx in few seconds, reduce the risk of dispensing errors.


Nodens OCR is integrated with many pharmacy management systems (PMS), so any information detected by OCR would be processed through your current PMS

Rx Processing

Nodens OCR application would detect the name of the patient, doctor, and drug on scanned and faxed prescription and will link the Rx to the patient file.


Determine the threshold of automation of your Rx processing, so you determine at what step of the workflow you want to review the Rx if at data entry or at the adjudication step.


Need clarification?

What is OCR technology?

OCR technology is a well-trusted technology used in multiple fields. OCR enables your computer to extract data from scanned prescriptions or prescriptions received by fax and use this data to automate your data entry and process prescriptions at a glance. This will save you processing time and will enable you to review prescriptions multiple times to decrease the chances of errors.

How ProcessRx will help my workflow?

ProcessRx uses a unique technology called OCR which enables the system from reading the characters on the prescription like the patient's information and the medication prescribed and the prescriber information and put this information directly into your pharmacy management system to be processed.

What is the benefit of having ProcessRx?

ProcessRx will help organize the pharmacy workflow, it will help reduce the time and effort of processing multiple prescriptions and with decreasing the chances of dispensing errors

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