Empowering pharmacy teams with a concrete management tool

Nodens Health will automate your workflow completely, from processing prescriptions to performing patient services and obtaining consent forms along with scheduling appointments and vaccine administrating. Nodens Health will provide a seamless patient experience and will reduce the stress and time of your daily tasks.


Nodens Health

Our team is passionate about finding solutions to help pharmacists and pharmacy teams with their daily workflow.

As a team of pharmacists and software engineers, we understand that the role of the pharmacist has evolved a lot within the last few years, from just dispensing medications to vaccinating, counseling, and even prescribing medications.

Nodens is always trying to provide solutions that will help pharmacists increase their productivity and profitability along with enhancing patient care.

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Your Modern Pharmacy Partner

Connecting all health service providers in Canada together and facilitating their integration to provide convenient service to patients and improve the healthcare sector services.


Here’s all the good stuff

Fast improvement

Fast improvement platform

Regular updates to fulfill your needs based on customer feedback.


Cloud-based pharmacy application

You can use it anywhere from any device.

Online presence

Online presence for your pharmacy

We create your pharmacy website and mobile application for your patient's convenience.

 increased productivity

Proven increased productivity

Process Rx, perform more patient services, and keep an eye on your inventory at a fraction of the time of your current workflow.

Your tool for easier pharmacy work