Empowering pharmacists with concrete tools

Providing tools to help pharmacists with their evolved roles and enable pharmacists to prescribe for minor ailments easily 


Minor Ailments module

-  Enable patients to make appointments with pharmacists for minor ailment assessment 

- Enable the patient to fill out a questionnaire either from their own homes or through a tablet in the pharmacy  documenting symptoms and any other clinical information required 

- Provides pharmacists with a list of appropriate medications that can be prescribed 

- Provides pharmacists with the most appropriate billing conditions and DIN numbers to be used 


Not only for Minor Ailment prescribing 

Now you can create any customized form and share it with your patients as vacation supply forms and renewal of frequency of dispensing forms 


Beat the competition and differentiate your pharmacy from others 

-  Enhance your online presence by promoting different services your pharmacy provide

- Nodens Health would provide your pharmacy with custom made social media ads that you can use promoting different services in your pharmacy


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One tool for all your metrics