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Senior Software Engineer

We are looking to hire a full stack Senior Engineer to join our small fully remote team to help in building new features and supporting existing ones. We have released three modules and are looking into releasing our Pharmacy Management System by the end of the year.  

You care about the quality of your work and take pride in it. You think long term about how the code will be used and what can go wrong in advance and write stable, bulletproof modules that can be easily used and consumed by other team members. You constantly iterate on your code, to make it smaller, simpler, more efficient and more stable. You know how to communicate your ideas clearly and enjoy discussions with other team members to make things better. 


  1. Design, develop and maintain backend and frontend components that integrate into our existing Node.js application.
  2. Work closely with other team members to discuss design, architecture and performance.
  3. Participate in code reviews and enforce best software design practices.
  4. Design for scale. 
  5. Quickly investigate any issues that come up on our CI.
  6. Identify bottlenecks, bugs and come up with simple smart solutions that stand the test of time.

Experience & Skills:

  1. 3+ years working as a full stack web developer on Node.js using Express, Koa or a similar framework
  2. Front end experience with JavaScript frameworks as well as vanilla JavaScript
  3. Strong deep understanding of relational databases
  4. Experience with Test Driven Development
  5. Solid understanding of OOP
  6. Strong command of git 
  7. Experience building linear scalable systems

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