Patient-focused services

Engaging Patient-Focused Services in Everyday Operations

Engaging Patient-Focused Services in Everyday Operations

When your patients have questions about their medication, symptoms, and health, who are they going to call first?

Probably their pharmacist.

Patients who are active with their healthcare will often come to their pharmacist with questions and concerns. In fact, pharmacists consistently rank among the most trusted professions by Canadians and are also the most accessible healthcare providers across the country.

Now more than ever before Pharmacists are consistently available for patients and are often the first point of contact within the healthcare system. Between over-the-counter medication and prescription medication concerns, Pharmacists have a personal connection with their patients. As Pharmacists we often experience questions on a daily basis from patients, and often these questions are about how to take medications, or expected side effects, sometimes even the best ways to take care of their health overall.

We have the chance to make a great experience for our patients and make sure they receive the optimal care. Patient services are important. Did you know that the Canadian Adverse Events Study showed that adverse events due to medication errors and other causes occur in 7.5% of hospital admissions involving Canadian adults and are associated with a 20% risk of death and longer duration of hospital stay.

Since these problems are bound to happen, the Ontario government established the MedsCheck Program, bringing patients access to professional Pharmacists’ expertise. With the MedsCheck program patients receive a one-on-one interview with the pharmacist to review their prescription and non-prescription medications. This review helps bring light to the patient’s medication therapy and gives patients the guidance to ensure medications are taken as prescribed.

Patients can learn about the medications they are taking, how they work together, hear about possible side effects, and identify how to avoid bad interactions during their therapy.

Are you actively working to improve your patient services?

NodensHealth offers a unique platform that advocates Patient Care and Loyalty and enhances the role of the Pharmacist as an integral healthcare provider in the community. Providing the MedsCheck reviews takes time and effort, NodensHealth supports you in creating a great experience for your patients without the extra work.

With NodensHealth, when a patient is due for his annual medication review, the patient receives an invitation to complete a series of questions determined by the pharmacist and are automatically uploaded in the MedsCheck form. This is just one simple step we take to help streamline the process for Pharmacists and clearly identify any problems or concerns for your patients. Pharmacists are committed healthcare professionals who are here to help patients. Let NodensHealth help support you in keeping your patients records, consents, MedsChecks, and other documentation in a single place.

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